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“4 years young in 2016 - Pacific Gamers Clan are a proud bunch of mates having fun, away from the real world”

Our members come from area’s around Oceania or Pacific Nations like Australia - New Zealand. It comes down to Ping & the ability to play on relative time zones. Our Clan play in many Ladders that would encroach on those that live in USA  to make the organised playing times required.

Recruiting - Forums

 To show your interest in joining our Clan, you need a fully operational Headset & you need to join our Team speak Server & communicate while you are gaming on our servers with our members. The fact that you join our Teamspeak tells us that you have interest in joining our Clan, once you are seen to be a gamer with a great gaming persona, you will receive an invite to join our clan. You will then register in our Forums & complete an application, our recruitment Officer Kahn, will then take over the process from there, remember to note who invited you to join from our clan on the application, good luck soldier.

Be part of a successful Gaming Community, while Clans come & go Pacific Gamers Clan have been around for 4 years, most of our Clan members have been with Deathwizard gaming for 8 to 12 years. So loyalty is a big [part of who we are & our Clan Leader Pecka who has just taken over as our Clan      [-PAC-]Commander from  [-PAC-]Deathwizard our Clan Founder. Pecka is easygoing & approachable, along with Killem our Clan 2IC &  SOMEIDIOT our Clan 3IC. We run 9 Game Servers & will be adding other games to our Gaming Menu.

“Invite only Policy”

Recruitment policy.

Make yourself known to members to get your invite to join [-PAC-]


Website -  Forums & Teamspeak  are Restricted to 18 years of age + older

“Headset & Mic”

You must have a fully operational headset with microphone to join our    Clan